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. that is the motto and a great one for the baby boomer senior expo, 25th anniversary. here to talk about it is my guest from the baltimore county of aging. thanks for being here today >> thank you for the opportunity. >> sure. 25 years. >> yes. the baltimore county department of aging is excited about this senior expo this year. we're looking forward to over 200 exhibitors, live entertainment. it is an opportunity for older adults to have information, find resources, it is good for caregivers, professionals in the field, internet work of aging so we're very excited to be able to promote this large venue of information. >> you really want to get not just seniors involved but the baby boomers as well, a whole age range. >> absolutely. we work with older adults from late 50s into their late 90s so we have a little bit of everything for everyone. in addition to seniors themselves with the caregivers and anyone who comes into contact with them. >> this is october 10th, wednesday and thursday october 11th, two full days. >> and abc 2 will be out there. we're excited to be partnering with you. >> we are
facilities and it's free. i want to tell but two dates the beacon is sponsoring. expo for those 50 and older. i fit in that category. sunday, october 7, this sunday, and then also sunday action october 14. the beacon each year, you probably know, sponsors two expos where you can get medical checkups. you can get information that you need. and of course i have with me the beacon's publisher stewart rosenthal who's in charge of it all. this is so important for people who are 50 and older to come to these expos. one in maryland. one in virginia. so we make it convenient for everyone because you can get so much important information. >> we track thousands -- attract thousands of people to the two aevents. you can get screenings, flu shots available. lots of government agencies and businesses are there with important information, services and products. >> political commentator mark is going to be there. i'll be at both expos. i always come every year. it really is a fun time for people. and informational and educational time for them. >> that's right. because we have information for people on hou
a th digital content expo in tokyo. they put a new spin on driving making music, even eating. >> reporter: anyone hoping to peer years into the future just needs to drop by japan's digital c content expo. the event features 22 booths filled with high-tech toys designed to change life as we know it. >> translator: previously, digital content was just a flashy display of the virtual world. now it's becoming a reality. i believe every industry is experiencing a digital revolution. >> reporter: japan's digital content industry is the second largest in the world after the united states. it's worth more than $150 billion annually and includes everything from animation in gaming to software development and multimedia. the best part of this expo is the number of prototypes you the sample. the best in ideas that haven't hit the market. can't read sheet music? no problem. researchers created something that does it for you. users write notes then scan them with this device. a camera turns what it sees into data and inputs that into an algorithm. it's played back in realtime. >> translat
. comes out every month. today i'm talking to the editor, my friend, stuart rosenthal about the expo that's be held this week, this sunday at white flint mall. last sunday we were in virginia at ballston mall. this sunday we'll be at white flint mall. before i give you more information about the expope, i want to let -- expo, i want to let you know the league of women voters has a wonderful insert in the beacon this year. it's a voters guide for montgomery county. all the questions, information that you need. so if you live in montgomery county, you really want to get a copy of the beacon before voting. let's talk about the expo. this week it's at white flint mall. we had great fun. mark was there. he is amazing. he's going to be at white flint with me. i'm going to be there again. >> last week he sort of started off talking about the presidential debate and analyzing that. but i imagine this sunday he'll talk about the vice presidential debate and give us his take on that. >> that's right. this expo that you've been holding for so many years is important for seniors 50 and older because
are on display at the digital content expo in tokyo. and they've put a new spin on driving, making music, even eating. nhk world's rena that kato takes us there. >> reporter: anyone hoping to peer years into the future just needs to drop by japan's digital content expo. the event features 22 booths filled with high-tech toys designed to change life as we know it. >> translator: previously, digital content was just a flashy display of the virtual world. now it's becoming a reality. i believe every industry is experiencing a digital revolution. >> reporter: japan's digital content industry is the second largest in the world after the united states. it's worth more than $150 billion annually and includes everything from animation and gaming to software development and multimedia. the best part of this expo is the number of prototypes you can sample. the very latest ideas and devices that haven't even hit the market. can't read sheet music? no problem. researchers at tokyo metropolitan university created something that does it for you. users write notes then scan them with this device. a microcame
annual sf promise college, and career expo and they did not only save more than $5,000, but the donation was delivered and supervised and they helped to supervise the distribution of the meals and some of the qualities, are examplely follow through, and friendly, customer oriented service, strategic out of the box thinking and creative problem solvers and really nice to work with and going way beyond what is expected of them. for the past three years, they have worked to help provide meals for over 3,000 students at this off-site event and they have always had a yes attitude from the beginning and worked hard to accommodate the question. they promised on time and with a smile, but they worked around many complicated parameters. the career expo is the only fair held during school time where we provide transportation for all students and chap rones. most are held in the evenings where only some of the students can get it. this ensures that all of the students have access and the nutrition team believes in the concept of the event and wanted to be sure that all of the students got a nutriti
marathon is this sunday. there's a fitness expo today from 3:00 until 8:00 p.m. at the d.c. armory on east capitol st. southeast. there will be more than 200 exhibitors and interactive displays. runners can also pick up their race materials. the expo will be all day tomorrow and saturday as well. >> a lot of folks registered to run in that race this weekend. it is mild outside, 60 degrees just before 5:00. >> we will hear from robin roberts later this morning about to recover from the a bone marrow transplant his. we will tell you about the surprises >> 4:53. let's check the weather. >> looks like another good one in this area, jacqui jeras. >> we do have quite a bit of clouds this morning and a little patchy fog. temperatures are still really good at 63 degrees with a dew point of 59. the wind coming out of the east today will keep a little more moisture and clouds in our area. we'll get some breaks especially this afternoon with a little more sunshine before it returns again tonight. the express forecast, 66 and mostly cloudy at 9:00, 71 at noon and partly sunny. this is the start of a d
layoffs during the slowdown. but lenders at the small business expo in chicago have a positive outlook for the future. "when the economy first tanked, people were too afraid to launch their own businesses. but that's behind them now, so we are seeing lenders who are making loans as well as small private loans up to $15,000." "i think a lot of people who were unable to get jobs have launched their own companies or might have gotten an early retirement package." one small business owner said he plans to get his college degree and attend grad school, but some of that depends on the success of his new business begun in june - an app that connects riders with cab drivers and eliminates the need for credit cards. "if all goes well i plan to put my time elsewhere and develop my company." overall, the mood at the small business expo was upbeat. there's plenty of action from financial firms. customers are closer to getting some of the money they lost when lehman brothers collapsed. the $38- billion settlement just needs the okay by the bankruptcy judge. federal regulators for credit unions are
as to the mark trains and amtrak. >>> a three-day-long health and fitness expo kicks off today to get the region ready for the 37th annual marine corps marathon. the expo serves as the check-in for the nearly 34,000 runners taking part, but more than 200 exhibits will also be on display at the d.c. armory, including fitness products, health screenings and giveaways. the expo runs through saturday starting today and is free and open to the public. the marathon takes place sunday at 7:55 a.m. >>> some people concerned about whether the weather we might get on sunday could affect the marathon. tom kierein keeping an eye on all things meteorlogical. >> indeed. we have just a few clouds east of the eastern shore and maybe a little fog forming. elsewhere, a clear sky. temperatures are cool after yesterday's touch of summer, back down to autumn-like temperatures in the 50s this morning. montgomery, prince george's, arlington, fairfax counties. it's a little bit chillier. parts of virginia near 50, from manassas down to culpepper, shenandoah valley, a few locations dipped down to the 40s. the latest wit
is that miio opeop out ofava, out omadurae occupy and cnge e inorest ap intoinilalmve landr expo-- and ingricultu-- theyave moved muslims om sulawesinto the spice islands. they have moved people from madura in parts of kamaan intoovernment anhotes and h, iand tourist instry ibali ansot's only in the last few..couple decades that t ethnicand ligiog ansot's only in s been really scrambdinto o, the last few..couple decades whicon o level will lp integration in theong term, bthat people are losingenth. opreosing their and so it's bringing the eticups into day-to-day colict in a wa. narrator: more tha of ionesia's population lives on the relatively small island of java. e capital city jakar is the political and economic center of indonesia. the isla obali is about 600 miles to the east of jakar bali is just 90 miles long and 50 miles wide, but has a population of two and a half millio balis unique in the predominantly muslim nationf indonesia. the main religion here is hindu. in tbali is indonesia'sslim premier tourist destination, and that cates other confcts. man: we have two prope
at this. there were a lot of injuries. the show was supposed to celebrate the opening of an expo but 30 minutes into it, the fireworks veered offcourse. spectators grabbing injured loves ones trying to get out of the way. about 100 were injured, many released from the hospital. that's good news. police are still investigating what went wrong. >>> on "fox news sunday," senior advisories from both campaigns preview the critical opposition debate in two days. president obama hoping to bounce back from his wildly criticized performance in the first face-off. governor romney seeking to keep the momentum going. what can we expect on tuesday? >> i think he's going to be aggressive in making the case for his view of where we should go as a country and a country that's built around a growing, thriving middle class, not the top down they're. but he's -- we saw governor romney's walking away from his own proposals and certainly the president's going to be willing to challenge him on it. >> there's a big choice election here between president obama's policies and governor romney's policies. that be
during a trade expo that attracts millions of people. >>> finally, the space shuttle endeavour is home. it wasn't until three hours ago that the shuttle parked at the california los angeles mew scheme of science. it took all day friday, all day saturday, more than half of today to travel 12 measly miles. thousands came out to see it. >> an amazing event. that's why i'm here with my daughter. to make sure she sees and it is part of it. >> a once in a lifetime deal with the spate space shuttle going down the streets of l.a. >> one of the reasons it took so long was because of the tight squeeze. engineers had to shoe horne the shuttle around trees and power lines. >> up next, a feat no man has ever done before. [applause] >> the extreme athlete who jumped from the stratosphere and made a nearly 24-mile sky dive back to earth, and leigh glaser says, get ready for warmer >> a skydiver successfully made his ascent from the edge of space, breaking the speed of sound during the freefall. felix bum baumgartner ascended in a helium balloon that carried him to 23 miles, more than three times the
-left-hander for the boston rex, the montreal expos, a great guy. and i guarantee you bill lee is watching this game right now. i don't know if he's ever met brian wilson, but those are two guys in the same pod. >> joe: look at the concentration of his fingers as he taps on the top of the hat. that's high. a leadoff walk. tomorrow night on tbs, game three of the alcs. a great pitching match-up. verlander and sabathia. and thence day from st. louis, the coverage against 3:30 eastern and 12:30 pacific. hohse had a great year. matt cain has been inked to a long-term deal. >> joe: they won it all in the postseason in 2010, and he didn't give up an earned run. >> tim: no. >> joe: the entire postseason. marc rzepczynski gets loose. we heard from ken rosenthal earlier about future rotation plans for bruce bochy. it's worth going back to that. a check on blanco. pretty interesting conversation we had, kenny, with bruce bochy before the game. >> ken: yes, joe. what he said was he did not want to use lincecum tonight, tim lincecum. and vogelsong going seventh innings enabled that to happen. so how does it set up going
is derived from expos alone. muchwhich means to sayare ally re-ebasically singapore acts as an entrepĂ´t port; it behaves like ainrmediaryoint between the hinterland and the rest of the world. it collects products from malaysia, from indonesia, d thent distributes to the markets in the world. narrator: new ships arrive every few minutes. computer systems coordinate their movements, assign berths and allocate the equipment needed to unload. singtheiskil are needes to runm asthat relies on sophisticated the information technologyload. to keep track of the mountains of freight. and all the information's handled by computer technology. there is no way we couldo it manually, because we have something like maybe a thousand orders a day, and we can't track that manually, so it is completely through our computer system. rrator: byosg singapore,wlett-packb to conduct its business more efficiently. if ourroducts come in by sea, we can get them inurisibutioceerwiin aay. and if icomes by air, sicay it's a lot faster. narrator: changi airport is a vital extension of the seaport. increasingly, goods arrive
will always love you by whitney houston. now your nationals, who were the expos, finished second in the nl east and twenty years ago, it was the last time the redskins won the super bowl. >> oh, see a super bowl here. >> they could win again. that's it for us, the cbs evening news is next. have a great night, everybody.
committee about how much he knew of jimmy savile's behavior and the decision to drop a hard-hitting tv expos a of the man at another time the the shell was preparing a glowing tributes of the man. first let's recap some of the main points. george entwistle was asked about the extent of the abuse in the '70s and '80s. >> there's no question what jimmy savile did and the way the bbc behaved and the culture of the bbc seemed to allow what he did, there's no question this is a gravely serious matter. one cannot look back on it with anything but horror that his activities went on as long as they did, undetected. that's a matter of grave regret to me and something that the bbc and i need to demonstrate an absolute determination not to do everything we can put right. i am determined to do that. >> it was a long time. naomi, the question was raised, tell us about the pedophile ring? >> he was asked whether this kind of abuse was endemic at the bbc during these three decades or a for your decades we are looking at. he says is too early to tell. but he did say the bbc is looking at the possibility of
investigates the murder of an animal expo employee..n the process they stumble intoothe trafficking.this is the eighth season of the show and one oo the stars ells me it's nice to be on solid ggound with the fans and the network.tamara sayss i remember the first couple of seasons that i was on, i was sorttof hoping it pomes back... hoping t gets renewed. ot suue whats ghoing to happen so so the end of every seaosn yoo are sorta &pwhite knuclling it and its rrelly nice to know that theres this lovely relationship that we have and like you aad here is this incredible support you can catch an all new "bones" tonighh at 8-pm here on fox45. then at 9-pm you can catch aa alllnew "mob doctornats: tracy doctor...grace devvin... who - lives a dual lifeeshe is faced peing a surgeoo and working "off bbok" for the mmfia men she once despisedtonight's episode is called "change off heart"when a friend is injured, grace must work to save his life while also being called on to deliver the child of a pregnanttcall girl. the woman who plays dr devlin is .. jordana speaa oh.she tellssme the rea
explain the solution that you come up with plane expo me the problem. my career with the spartans we had a playback that was about yea big. i understand the ones the nfl use are significantly larger. >> i'm sure since your all star days they have grown over time. there are many teams using traditional play books. there is no reason you have to make this change. teams have done things their own way for a long time. >> now they are enormous. >> 300 pages and not only do they have to print them and distribute them every week they had to make play changes and the team would have to give back to play books, count them up and make sure they got back and then destroy them. >> and dvds on top of that. >> absolutely. the traditional way was player would come down and ask for a series of videos. somebody would have to find the videos and compile them and track the person down and find the dvd player and then what do i do with this material? it was kind a series of steps. >> is this basically a digitization opportunity? >> that's one stage of it, for sure. what's really important is the distributio
fish? we exporit-- america. america? we expoamerica.erica. america, uh... man: france. france, uh... england. taiwan. new zealand. new zealand, uh... singapore. siapore, indonesia.d. and oman is casting a wider net drysdale: the omanis have made diva conscious choiceoncerned. to aract high-end tourists. so they have built quite an extensive network of luxury hotels, four-, five-star hotels. and oman has a great deal to offer them. it's an exquisitely beautiful country, um... the landscape is just magnificent. there is a lot there of historic interest. and omanis a very gracious and spitable. i think almostone who si oma comes away with a feeling that this is really a treasure. they hope that tourism will contribute... i ink it's five or six percent of gdp by 2020. i don't think that's realistic; it's never going to be that important, simply because still people perceive oman to be in a dangerous part of the world. narrator: while perceptions about oman's location may ine grow ysleomanlly s in tw. otdiificatioefs. its location dui is aemarkable place. may ine grow ysleomanlly s i
. >> not at all. not at all. >> i don't remember reading about expo facto. >> i think that's the best argument, but the other -- the whole argument, ashleigh, about, you know what, it's against this sentence from 30 to 60 years is cruel and unusual. he faced 442 years, ashleigh. the judge clearly went well below that, and that doesn't have merit either. >> the option -- the request for the defense to at least lower the number of years that he is facing because it's cruel, don't see it happening? >> not at all. don't see it happening at all. if there were errors made in the trial, was the outcome determinative? i don't think it was. it was harmless error. >> if he gets a new trial, does he get out on bail while he awaits the new trial? >> i think based on the nature of this offense, it would be tough for a judge to justify releasing him. >> so he is where he is at least for the time being? >> i think he stays. >> it's good to have you. >> that's my prediction. >> thank you. you're always so smart expo factor or not. >> it's a pleasure. >> thank you. have a great weekend. thank you for watching.
at the opening of a weekend expo. >> don't forget we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back. >>> caught on tape the fireworks display that goes horribly wrong in china, nearly 100 people work when some of the fireworks misfired and actually fell into the crowd. this was the opening of the west lake international expo over the weekend. most of the people hurt suffered from burns and some of them still in the hospital. >>> also caught on tape a heart stopping base jumping accident, this daredevil stunt nearly ending in tragedy in norway. that jumper flung off the side of the cliff when the bar he was preparing to flip on broke. everybody was all but certain he died there, but he survived. he opened his parachute just a few moments before he hit the ground. you can see a little picture of it down there. >> okay. base jumping not for me, never ever. >>> now to a somewhat unusual rescue for firefighters when a young deer got trapped in a canal. >> so a couple out on bikes noticed the deer struggling to swim in a sacramento canal yesterday afternoon. first responders called f
timers. it's also day two of the marine corps marathon health expo at the d.c. armory. more than 200 items are on display. the expo is free and open to the public. the marathon takes place sunday at 7:55 a.m. >>> and metro is getting ready for the marine corps marathon as well. it's opening early, 5:00 a.m. on sunday morning. you can face some delays, though, trains will be single tracking on parts of the red, orange, blue, and green lines this weekend. on the red line, trains will share a track between grosvenor. on saturday only, blue line trains will single track between franconia, spring, and dorn street. >>> people visiting the big apple will have a famous view of the skyline to take advantage of once again. after a year of renovations, the statue of liberty's crown will be open to the public again starting sunday. the construction addressed safety concerns, and the newly reopened area gives a little better view of the famous skyline. if you want to see it, it's only open thursdays through sundays, and you do need reservations. >>> can you believe it? black friday is just four w
:00. >>> it is the final day of the marine corps marathon health expo at the d.c. armory. more than 200 exhibits are on display including fitness products, health screenings, and giveaways. the expo is free and open to the public. you can visit today between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. the marathon takes place tomorrow at 7:55 in the morning. >>> the ravens are making headlines this morning despite not having a game this weekend. the nfl is fining the team $20,000 for not listing an injury to star safety ed reed who admitted earlier this month he is playing with a shoulder injury but is still taking part in practice. the nfl requires teams to report injuries even if players continue to take the field. the redskins had to pay a similar fine last week. >>> and there is good news for the redskins iron man as he tries to keep a streak alive this sunday. >> and the wizards look to end the preseason on a high note. carol maloney has that and more in your "sports mint." >>> good morning. i'm carol maloney. your sports mint begins with redskins injury news. friday was a good day for london fletcher. he fina
since 1981 when they were the montreal expos. also the first pennant for a baseball team in washington since 1933. the nationals still battling the reds for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. >>> yankees have already punched their ticket to the postseason, but they're fighting the orioles for that a.l. east title so they don't have to slip into the wild card. they entered last night's game against the red sox tied with the orioles for the division lead. bottom of the second, this thing got ugly. robinson cano, that's a bomb. 446 feet off the face of the restaurant in center field. the yankees up 1-0. same inning. curtis granderson. curls one inside the foul pole. that's a two-run home run. yankees score nine runs in the second inning. they win 10-2. and with the orioles' loss last night, the yankees take a one-game lead in that division race with two games to play. >>> the oakland a's also clinched the final american league playoff spot with a win over the rangers last night. with that win, oakland eliminates the los angeles angels, a team many thought would make the playoff
of the hi storical photos of the panama pacific expo significance of 1915, i believe that home is in a really prominent spot and many of the photographs are taken top of the hill summer street. so, thank you for that. * exposition this is a unique, creative, generous solution. so, i'm in full support. >> commissioner moore. >> this is an extremely difficult case. staff makes recommendation relative to a freestanding building with a roof deck, which is a large historic home. so, we are approving the roof deck and the by-product, bmr units, i'm not saying this is respectful, but it is a reality. what is in front of us, mr. star's analysis is correct, we have a substandard law and five variances for those units to even be approvable. for those small units that is a large ask. under normal circumstances when we have substandard or constrained lots, our purpose is to look at the units first and find as much compliance as we can because for two units which are not really in size or anything exceptional, that creates a very difficult situation. i want to make a case just to give myse
later spark a different kind of expo say all together. that story begins in 2010 when a texan named steven lip ski attended a screening of gas plan near fort worth texas after he said he suspected his well had been fouled he was put in contact with an an ta fracking specialist. list went to a home with a camera connected a garden hose with a spigot and put a match to the end. it ignited. rich then e-mailed a copy to armenderas now with the epa as proof fracking by a company named range resources fouled his well. according to epa records agency scientists had misgivings about the video and other evidence that had been gathered. he brushed them aside and pushed through an emergency order against range veerses. he th -- range resources. >> not only is there natural gas in the oil well but there is natural gas that is coming from the production activities of range. the oil and gas regulator decide to do review the matter himself. >> there is no way in the world range to do with the natural gas that might have been. >> indeed when he took his claim to state court the judge found that ric
to the digital world expo in las vegas to get tips from the leading experts on how to grow your business using technology. from search engine to analytics, we have the scoop on everything you as a small business owner should have on your radar. until then, i'm j.j. ramberg. remember, we make "your business" our business. we make a simple thing. a thing that helps you buy other things. but plenty of companies do that.
us on twitter. it is @msnbcyour deabusiness. >>> next week, we head to the digital world expo in las vegas to get some tips of how to grow your business using technology. we have the scoop on everything you as a small business owner should have on your radar. until then, i am j.j. ramberg. remember, we make your business our business. we make a simple thing. a thing that helps you buy other things. but plenty of companies do that. so we make something else. we help make life a little easier, more convenient, more rewarding, more entertaining. year after year. it's the reason why we don't have customers. we have members. american express. welcome in. >>> when republican presidential romney mitt romney at last night's al smith dinner made one of his jokes about president obama, that was also sort of an implicitly a shot at the first lady. the first lady herself was not in the room. mr. romney was there with his wife, ann romney, but the president was there without the first lady. michelle obama was not in the room. i think that is what made mr. romney's joke more awkward than it otherw
digital. we went to the digital expo to get a handle on the latest trends that will help your business stay on track. >> i'm the operator for my pocket calculator. >> when it comes to technology, things are moving fast. recently, some of the world's biggest brands and the tech industry's most promising start upcompanies gathered and collaborated on how to keep up. >> the expectation of having instant access is allowing people to be a little bit more adapting to new technologies or forms of communication than ever before. >> according to kurt abramson, ceo of share this, a company that provides sharing info, the biggest change is how people shop. people go to stores to look and get a sense of the experience and then they go home and they actually buy it online where they think they can get a better price. 45% of americans have bought something through a mobile app on their phone. >> for jeff hassen, chief marketing office of hip cricket, a mobile marketing and advertising company says it is more important than ever to go to the customer. >> we have gone from a passive activity of intera
the stadium for the hire our heroes expo. the goal is to get men and women who served our country get them back to work by connecting them with the fellow military friendly employers. it will take place today from 11:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. once again it's going to be taking place at the m&t bank stadium. >>> an exciting day for the ronald mcdonald house. every broom there is getting a new mattress donated by tempur- pedic. baltimore city firefighters are going to be helping out and removing the 72 old mattresses and replacing them with new ones. the charity organization provides a home away if home for families needing to be near chair sick children and it runs mostly on donations with the help of volunteers. >>> all right, lynette is up here checking the weather right now. feels more like august than october and lauren you are watching the roads. >> yes, we are dealing with a little bit of patchy fog this morning. so definitely watch out for that. not quite as bad as yesterday. >> exactly. >> that's -- a little bit of good news. >> right, but we have the fog out th
the people to continue moving forward. elisabeth smart was the keynote speaker at the healthy women's expo in lincolnshire but her message is geared more towards children, resisting aggression defensively helps kids defend themselves should be taken like she was. it teaches children many different options from screaming, kicking and yelling and that actually goes into physical self-defense moves. smart felt like she didn't have those options but the 24 year- old never lost hope and while she gets scared about the future every once in awhile she knows this path is the bestbest for her right now. >> each one of us has something to offer and you never know who you can help by reaching out, by speaking out miracles happen. elisabeth smart said she wants to have lots of children, she still plays the harp harping to perform at carnegie hall one day she definitely would like to pursue it so she is really doing a great thing it coming out of this tragedy and she sees it as recalling right now. still ahead, shocking video a bus driver attacked for no apparent reason and white a chicago student w
parameters. the career expo is the only fair held during school time where we provide transportation for all students and chap rones. most are held in the evenings where only some of the students can get it. this ensures that all of the students have access and the nutrition team believes in the concept of the event and wanted to be sure that all of the students got a nutritious lunch for the day, and they are thanked very much for doing that. >> thank you, so much, that was a very shocking honor to have this... >> this never works for me, superintendant and i am sure marine karu, and this is indeed an honor and i wish to thank you, especially for recognizing, noi, so i don't know how i would have done what i have done over the last 16 school years. she is the only employee in our central office that is actually been here longer than i have. she is in her 17th school year. and she has been my right-hand all along the way. so i can't thank her enough. but, to close, i am sure that you have bigger business to get on with. i do want to recognize every student nutrition worker in our department,
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